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3 years ago I was employed with a small company that I drove a box truck for at 11$ per hour. That low amount never let me feel like I was financially stable; I was always struggling to pay my bills on time and had to work other small jobs part-time to make ends meet. One day I woke up and said enough of this and walked away from the company. Best decision I remember to this day. One of my friends had told me about a guy he knew that started a mobile detailing business and had done very well, I thought I could do that; I love cleaning my truck I cleaned it just about every weekend.

My attention to detail is incredible in my opinion, so I started watching videos on YouTube and studying the business. I quickly said to myself, I have to do this. So I spent my last paycheck on some supplies to get me by and started a Facebook business page. I posted ads on the groups for days and finally received my first job which went very well. The only problem was at the time, I was working out of a car, so getting all the supplies to fit was a challenge. As time went by I saved enough money to buy a used truck. My supplies fit perfectly in the back, and I felt like I had made a positive gain in my business. I was getting customers left and right; I hustled to get them as fast as I could and that’s exactly what happened.

I realized I was going to need some help so my sister-in-law needed a job and I told her if she helped me I would make her a partner in the business. She quickly agreed. From there we both saved money and bought a water tank trailer and generator. That gave us another positive gain in our business. I was proud of us; we kept saving money and then bought uniforms for our business to look and feel more professional.

That’s our story and we eventually want to grow big enough to hire employees and change the game in the auto detailing world. This goes to show you that anyone can make money doing what you love. It's your duty to go after what you're passionate about. We hope to gain your business and look forward to meeting you thank you for your business and the opportunity to "live the luxury lifestyle". We know you work hard for your money and we want you to know we will take care of your vehicle the best we can. You can rest assured, you'll be satisfied with the job we perform.

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